How to Sell My Baltimore House for Cash

How to Sell My Baltimore House for Cash Should you take a cash offer for your Baltimore house? It depends on your situation, but this article will explain how  you can sell any property for cash and a few of the reasons why you should not take a cash offer – and other times when you shouldn’t say no. … Continued

Who Buys Houses for Cash In Baltimore Maryland?

Who Buys Houses for Cash In Baltimore Maryland Do you need to sell your Baltimore fast? The fastest way to sell your house is to one of those “We Buy Baltimore Houses Fast” companies…. We’ll look further into these questions and a few more in this article… and if you have other questions,  let us know about … Continued

Sell Your Maryland House Fast for Cash

Do you have an unwanted house in Maryland? Perhaps your house is not selling because of costly repairs? No matter why your house is not selling, or even if you’re only looking for a fast house sale, we can help! Speedy Home Buyers has been buying houses and helping Maryland home sellers by providing an fast … Continued

Imagine Your Baltimore House Sold!

Selling a Maryland house? Prepare yourself both physically and mentally to get your house sold! Imagining what you want in the future is a method that is used by many successful people in all sorts of professions and circumstances. The same technique can be used for almost anything you want to achieve, including the sale of … Continued

Is Selling Your Maryland House Taking Too Long?

If the traditional sale of your Maryland house is taking too long to get you out of a financial bind, consider selling to a real estate investor. It can often be completed and closed within a week.… Read More: Is Selling Your Maryland House Taking Too Long?

3 Different Ways to Sell Your Maryland House

Selling your Maryland house yourself, called FSBO, is another avenue that may not cost you agent commission  There are several ways that you can use to sell your house. [Read More: 3 Different Ways to Sell Your Maryland House]

Getting the Price Right: Selling Your Maryland Home

Comparing yours to properties in your area, within a half mile or so, that have recently sold will tell you what the market will bear. There’s a commonly used phrase that people from television game shows to weekend bargain shoppers use. ‘The price is right.’ This is very important no matter what you are selling. … Continued

Terms You’ll Hear When Selling

 When you are selling your first house, you’re going to run into terminology that you don’t hear very often. Selling your house may be something entirely new to you. Perhaps you’ve never done this before and could use some help in translating all those words that keep coming up. [Read More: Terms You’ll Hear When Selling] … Continued

Sell Your Baltimore House Fast Even After The Listing Expired

There are usually no guarantees that when you put your home on the market, a ready buyer will be waiting to seal the deal. There are factors that can inhibit the speed at which you make your sale. Read More: Has Your Baltimore MD Listing Expired – Sell Your House Fast

What Makes a Maryland House a Good Buy?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, get the price right and give them something nice to look at. What kind of Maryland house would draw a buyer’s attention and be considered a bargain? Read More: Maryland House Buyers – Gaithersburgh MD: What Makes a Maryland House a Good Buy?